The Grimal Grove is About Passion!

The Grimal Grove is a once in a lifetime venture that fuses a legendary tale with a local food
movement, and now a burgeoning enterprise.The Grimal Grove is the first
agricultural venture of its kind in the Florida Keys in the last 50 years. It
has a great historical significance as well as a crucial agricultural impact. The
Grimal Grove is the backbone of a growing cultural awareness centered on a local
food movement in the Florida Keys.

A lasting Vision

The Grimal Grove is a small farm and botanical
garden. Its primary purpose is to grow food for the community. The secondary
purpose of the grove is it is a community resource: botanical garden, tours,
research, education, the arts, and events.

Being only a 2 acre property, space is limited. A
sustainable model needed to be created for the public. The grove will be open
on a limited basis, daily tours, workshops, classes, private events will be
offered with the exception of two large public events annually. We believe a
low impact footprint is essential for the health of the garden and the

All business will be conducted at the Grimal Grove retail
store on US1.

Patrick's Vision

Patrick Garvey, founder of Growing Hope Initiative and the discover of the Grimal Grove. Mr. Garvey’s vision is for the Grimal Grove to be the heart of local agriculture movement and the anchor of the local food economy.